Joost B. (Rotterdam Business School 2011-2015)

"During my studies I got to know Rengenier not only as a teacher and tutor but mainly as a source of inspiration. The lectures, regardless of the subject, were always full of interesting material from the present and the past. Rengenier knows how to inspire and motivate students both as a group and individually. Due to Rengenier's broad and deep knowledge, he is quickly able to demonstrate connections between different worlds and thereby make the world a little clearer. Thanks to his efforts, many doors can also open. I owe my adventure of writing my thesis in the south of Italy to Rengenier's commitment, he will go the extra mile for his students."

Dr. Patrick P. (Universität des Saarlandes 2010-2011)

"When I saw Rittersma´s lecture in the course programme of Saarland University, I was initially very sceptical. What is this "food history" supposed to be? I didn't have high expectations, but I was curious about a "sample for tasting". In the end I was not disappointed with what was "served". I was introduced to the interdisciplinary world of food history and learned the historical, cultural, economic, ecological, and sociological effects of food in history and for the people in it. At the time, I was in the final stages of my study and I had specialized in Renaissance studies. Rittersma managed to give me "bite-sized snacks" for my field of interest. As a result, my cultural and historical knowledge of this exciting period expanded, and my understanding deepened through a completely new look at the matter. Today I teach myself and still benefit from the path that was shown to me, namely to combine perspectives, methods and objects of consideration in order to get a holistic picture of an epoch in which (as today) everything is fundamentally interdependent. To cut a long story short: My recommendation to the chef!

Manuel S. (Rotterdam Business School 2016-2017)

"Mr. Rittersma was my lecturer for the history of food elective and mentored me during my research about start-ups for the Honors program. Attending his lectures was never dull, and I was fascinated by the way he introduced complex, interrelated topics in a simple way, using concrete examples and interactive learning experiences. His critical feedback and vast academic experience helped me greatly in conducting and improving my research paper. Highly recommend him!"

Aranea van S. (Rotterdam Business School 2012-2016)

"Rengenier was not only a great teacher, but also my mentor for the honours programme and my thesis supervisor. He is one of the rare lecturers who help and think along personally; for example, he was able to position me in Ljubljana for my thesis, and even visited me there to take a look at the company. He inspired me to expand my horizons and network, which is paying off to this day."